Who is it for?

Do your staff need a couple of pointers on how to be a successful Director? This workshop is great for prospective Board members to provide an insight into co-ops and gives a strong foundation for them starting in the role of Director.

What will participants learn?

Like anyone starting in a new role, the Directors’ Induction process is key to making the Board work as well as it can.

At the end of the course they’ll be able to:  

  • Explain the background to the global co‑operative movement
  • Describe a range of co‑operative structures
  • Outline the role of the Board and the Director
  • Explain how ‘Values in Action’ are evident in your co-op
  • Describe the importance of culture and team development
  • Explain the role of members in a co-op
  • Explain what makes an effective meeting
  • State the importance of good governance

Don’t forget: if you let us know, we can make sure The Directors' Induction content is tailored to your co-op.

How will participants learn?

During the workshop they’ll learn by:

  • Participating in tutor-led discussions
  • Taking part in group activities
  • Studying case studies to identify best practice
  • Reflecting on their own experiences of membership and developing an action plan for the future

To arrange a telephone call to find out more or to discuss a timeline for your co-op let us know below: 

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