Who is it for?

Have you just started a co-op? Do you need help getting members involved in the running of your organisation? This course will help your team to improve membership engagement in your co-op.

What will participants learn?

This workshop encourages your team to explore methods that co-ops can employ to engage and retain members whilst identifying appropriate policies and decision-making processes to provide support for recruitment and retention.

On completing the course they’ll be able to:

  • Explain why co-ops need active members
  • State how organisational values and principles link to membership
  • List a range of policies and codes that identify good practice
  • Describe the range of membership arrangements for different types of co-ops
  • Explain how members benefit
  • Describe the wider impacts of co-ops on people’s lives

How will participants learn?

During the workshop your team will learn by taking part in:

  • Tutor-led discussions
  • Group activities
  • Studying case studies to identify best practice
  • Reflecting on their own experiences of membership and developing an action plan for the future

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