Coaching is an individualised learning process that builds your ability to achieve personal and professional goals and enhance your performance.

It aims to get you to think about different perspectives, exploring some of the ways you think, feel and behave, to enable you to reach your potential.

It’s a powerful development tool which builds a working partnership based on trust:

  • it challenges your thinking
  • it stimulates your creativity
  • it gives you encouragement
  • it builds your self-assurance
  • it supports you to realise your true potential

Central to the philosophy of coaching is a belief in your potential, and the coach’s role is therefore to guide and facilitate that discovery, by helping you reflect on who and where you are in your professional life, arrive at your new insight and take personal responsibility for the outcome that is produced. 

Meet your coach:

Andrea Goodridge is an expert in leadership development and challenges leaders to challenge themselves.           

She has nearly twenty years’ experience working across private, public and not for profit sectors in Europe, USA and Latin America providing leadership development facilitation and coaching.  Andrea is skilled at helping leaders embed new learning and new ways of thinking as a basis for a high-performance culture based on collaboration and trust.  Positive and energetic, she challenges complacent thinking and habitual behaviour to create space for alignment and change.

She is also a volunteer mentor for entrepreneurs, bringing her energy and business experience to help them to accelerate their growth potential by stepping out of their comfort zone and working from their personal strengths.

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