As the apex body of co-operative education in the UK, we are working with other co-operative educators, academics, students, practitioners and critical friends in a Co-operative University Working Group (CUWG). Our aim is to explore various models of co-operative higher education, the idea of co-operative universities and the prospect of degree awarding powers made possible as a result of the UK Higher Education Research Act 2017.

We will produce reports as and when appropriate and will share our work in progress with active supporters as well as a range of interested stakeholders.

CHEN - The Co-operative Higher Education Network

CHEN is a general purpose mailing list with a focus on higher education in the broadest sense. It is open to anyone who wishes to talk and network around co-operative higher education. This is an informal space where ideas, themes, proposals and solutions can be generated and discussed. Moderation will be kept to a minimum. CHEN members may wish to organised events and other activities.

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