“What we want and seek to obtain is a co-operative journey that will end in a co-operative university.” (Rae, 1909)

A Co-operative University has been a long sought after dream of the co-operative movement.

How would a Co-operative University be different?

A Co-operative University would be different in a number of ways including:

  • It would be based on social justice and co-operative values and principles, working for the mutual benefit of all.
  • The focus would be on empowering students, enhancing their skills to develop new ways of thinking, working, researching and learning for life.
  • Staff and students would be members of the university and have a real say in shaping the learning experience it offers.
  • The degree programmes would be open to all, valuing life and work experience, not just academic record. From the very start, students would be introduced to the skills they need for collaborative learning, supporting each other's academic development.

Co-operative University Federation Steering Group

The Co-operative University Federation Steering Group brought together individuals and organisations committed to the ambition to offer co-operative learning opportunities across further and higher education, and revitalising community and adult education. The partners involved in the group are listed below.

Feral Art School Feral Art School Logo

Red Learning


Red Learning Co-operative Logo
The Centre for Human Ecology Centre for Human Ecology Logo
Preston Co‑operative Development Network The Preston Co-operative Development Network logo
Leicester Vaughan College Leicester Vaughan Logo
 East Marsh United
New School of the Anthropocene
New School of the Anthropocene logo