Over the past year, young people across the world have taken the lead when it comes to climate change. They've taken to the streets in their millions, protesting about the irreversible damage that's being done to our planet.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, it's a movement that has gained the attention of media outlets across the world, and this Friday 20 September young people are calling for adults to join in. 

What is the global climate strike?

The Global #ClimateStrike is a movement designed to disrupt 'business as usual'. It placing governments on notice across the world that the status quo is no longer good enough. We need change. Fast. 

In addition to action on 20 September in our home city of Manchester, there will be protests in dozens of countries, thousands of cities and millions of workplaces worldwide right up until the 27 September. Find out more information, including where a protest is taking place near you.

What the young people on our projects had to say

As a movement powered by young people, we wanted to hear what some of the young people involved in our projects had to say!

Inspired by their words? Our Youth Co-operative Action project takes place right across the UK and we're on the look out for young people aged 16-24 who want to make a change in their community. We provide the tools for young people to drive the change they want to see, empowering them to take social action that leaves a lasting impact. Read more via the button below.

Find out more about our Youth Co-operative Action project

How we're helping combat climate change

We're committed to tackling climate change, with our work here in the UK and across the world focused on equipping people with the skills and knowledge to transform their communities for the better. A great example of this is our work in Malawi, where we partnered with Community Energy Malawi to inspire a move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Switching to solar

Led by a demand from co-op members who wanted clean fuel to use in the evenings, rather than burning fires or oil burning lamps for light, we educated and inspired co-operative businesses and families to make the switch to solar lamps, an environmentally friendly form of energy.

Lasting results

Not only did this lead to cleaner air for them and the planet, the solar lamps we provided also meant local children no longer had to read in poorly lit houses surrounded by pollution from generators. The project achieved staggering results, including a 65% increase in the income of co-operative businesses that chose to adopt environmentally sustainable methods, whilst the number of households accessing renewable energy climbed from 190 at the start of the project to a stunning 1,488 - a 683% increase!

Inspired by our results? More information on our international work is available via the button below, including projects in Sri Lanka, Zambia and Rwanda.

Find out more about our international work

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