As part of our centenary celebrations we held a series of webinars throughout 2019, each focusing on different topics and suggesting co-operative solutions to some of today's global challenges.

The programme

The programme for the year is set out below, with links to watch again incase you missed them first time round. If you've got a suggestion for a future topic then get in touch via [email protected].

Date Webinar Topic More information
Jan 2019
18 A Movement for Every Century: looking forwards, looking backwards Watch the webinar now!
Feb 2019
5 Co-ops, Automation and Decent Work: Looking to the Future Watch the webinar now!
Mar 2019
19 Working with Rojava Watch the webinar now!


Co-operative University Information Recap Watch the webinar now!
26 The Co-operative College: 100 years of Co-operation Watch the webinar now!
Apr 2019
16 The New Municipalism: Changing Local Places Watch the webinar now!
May 2019
7 The Hidden Alternative: Co-operatives Watch the webinar now!
21 Leading Co-operatives: Democratic Practice Watch the webinar now!
Jun 2019
4 Gender and the Co-operative Difference Watch the webinar now!
Aug 2019


The Pioneers and Peterloo Watch the webinar now
Sept 2019


New Futures: Young people shaping their world Watch the webinar now
Oct 2019


And Now the Future: 100 Years of Adult Education Watch the webinar now


Co-ops and the Sustainable Development Goals Watch the webinar now

Nov 2019



It's All Yours - Publicity, Propaganda and Advertising Watch the webinar now

Jan 2020



Co-operators, Chartists and Christian Socialists Watch the webinar now