Day two of our Centenary Conference will shine the spotlight on just some of the incredible co-operative education that's taking place right across the globe. We've assembled a stellar line-up of speakers including Dame Pauline Green, former President of the ICA, and Angela Rayner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, as we look to examine what solutions co-operative education can provide to some of the biggest challenges facing society.

Co-operative Education Across the World

08:30 Registration and Refreshments

10:00 Welcome from The Co-operative College - Simon Parkinson, Chief Executive and Principal

10:10 Keynote Five: Ariel Guarco, President of International Co-operative Alliance

10:30 Keynote Six: Exciting Speaker TBA!

10:50 Plenary: Co-operative Education Around the World

Panel: Ed Mayo - Secretary General, Co-operatives UK (Chair) | Dr Cilla Ross - Vice Principal, Co-operative College | Dr Sonja Novkovic - Professor, Sobey Business School of Economics, St Mary's, Canada | Professor Esther Gicheru - Principal, Co-op University of Kenya| Mr Noel D Raboy - President and CEO, Climbs - Life & General Insurance Co-operative, Philippines.

This session will explore how co-operative education is delivered in four areas of the world: the UK; the Phillipines, Canada and Kenya. What needs are these educational examples meeting in each of these regions (or for co-operators internationally) and how do they deliver their courses and programmes?  What impact is their work having and what opportunities and challenges do the speakers see in the future for their co-operative education practice?

12:05 Keynote Seven: Dame Pauline Green

Pauline will speak about the sustainable development goals and their links to co-operatives from her personal perspective encompassing her time as President of the ICA and General Secretary of Co-operatives UK.

12:25 Lunch

13:25 Workshops

Your chance to choose one of the workshops outlined below.

Workshop Six: Co-operatives for Peace Building 1 (Mully Dor - Chair, Ajeec NISPED, Dr Sarah Alldred Co-operative College, Dr Amanda Benson, Co-operative College

This workshop will explore the role that co-operatives play in peace-building around the world. Hosted by Mully Dor the founder of Ajeec Nisped, the Arab-Jewish Center for Empowerment, Equality, and Cooperation, we highlight case studies from our recently published joint research with the Co-operatives Europe Development Platform called 'Co-operatives and Peace: Strengthening Democracy, Participation and Trust.

Workshop Seven: Co-operatives for Peace Building 2 Aimee Marie Ange Tumukunde, Co-operatives Policy Specialist in ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM)

More info coming soon!

Workshop Eight: More info coming soon!

Workshop Nine: Re-Imagining Rochdale (Jonathan Hindle, Rochdale Town Hall Restoration & Revival Project Lead, Neil Eccles, Business Development Manager, Rochdale Development Agency) 

Workshop Ten: Tour of the Rochdale Pioneers Museum (starts at 1pm)

Visit the birthplace of modern co-operation in the UK. Number 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale is synonymous with the co-operative movement across the globe. The museum will be hosting tours of the museum through-out the College’s Centenary Conference so you can see where it all began.

14:30 Refreshments

14:50 Plenary Commission for Adult Education 100: Reporting Findings, Identifying Actions

Panel: Nigel Todd - Chair, Co-operative College | Dr Cilla Ross - Vice Principal, Co-operative College |Roger McKenzie - Assistant General Secretary, Unison | Sharon Clancy - Adult Ed Steering Group Member | John Holford - Adult Ed Steering Group Member 

100 years ago in November 1919, the Ministry of Reconstruction’s Final Report on Adult Education was published. The report set the groundwork for adult education in Britain for the rest of the 20th century – with the acknowledgement on page 237 that ‘it has recently been decided to establish a Co-operative College’. So important was co-operative education at that time that the Report further noted: ‘The co-operative movement is the one working class body which continuously and persistently stood for a humane education as an essential element in the social aims of democracy’. 

A new 2019 Commission has, like that of 1919, produced a Report with the same concern, to “Consider the provision for, and possibilities of, Adult Education (other than technical or vocational) in Great Britain, and to make recommendations.”  We conclude that adult education continues to be “A Permanent National Necessity....”   and this session presents the Report’s recommendations to the College’s Conference.

In addition to a Q &A session with representatives from the Steering Group partners - the Co-operative College, the Raymond Williams Foundation, University of Nottingham, University of Oxford and the  Workers’ Educational Association, conference participants will be asked to consider how we can best put findings and recommendations into practice through an interactive workshop.

16:40 Keynote Eight: Angela Rayner - Member of Parliament and Shadow Secretary of Education

Angela will give her personal take on how co-operative education fits with Labour’s agenda.

17:00 Closing Remarks - Simon Parkinson, Chief Executive and Principal, The Co-operative College

19:00 Reception with Mayor and Mayoress of Rochdale Borough Council

19:30 Gala Dinner, Awards and Entertainment

23:30 Carriages

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