Who is it for?

This tool is for co-operatives to use as a self-evaluation tool to identify current skills and knowledge of Directors to support the development of a training plan for the Board. If you are the Secretary of a co-operative or an officer responsible for supporting the Board of Directors this tool is a great way to ensure that cost effective and relevant training is identified and provided for Directors to assist them in the delivery of their roles and responsibilities. 

What is it?

A 4 – 6 week process with an annual licence (self-delivery) costing £1,200.

The self-assessment approach provides an alternative to the Board Skills Audit (BSA) or offers an interim measure between audits which are usually conducted every two to three years. We have developed this tool to help Directors focus on key aspects of their role and set objectives for the coming year. It is based on the duties, roles and responsibilities of the Board. These are broken down further into individual and collective ‘competencies’ required for effective performance. 

The self-assessment process is intended to support Directors wishing to:

  • Review what they are doing and how well they are doing it
  • Prioritise measurable objectives for what they hope to achieve over the next twelve months
  • Provide the basis for monitoring progress and performance
  • Identify what support is needed by The Board and from whom
  • Identify and communicate their learning and development needs
  • Help influence the design and delivery of learning and assessment programmes

How does it work? 

The self-development tool consists of a template containing pre-determined competencies against which the Board of Directors evaluate their current skills and knowledge. The tool enables the board, guided by Officers, to draw up a training and development plan to meet identified development needs. 

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