We have a variety of eLearning courses that could come in useful to your organisation. Have a look at our various packages here. Our eLearning platform gives you the opportunity to monitor the progress your employees and colleagues 

Do you have material you want to turn into a piece of learning? Our years of expertise can ensure this is a quick and easy process which will leave you with an outstanding resource for yourself and your colleagues.

As more and more organisations take on the delivery of training themselves we are increasingly working with co-ops to develop customised development programmes and training resources, both in hard copy and electronic form.

At the Co-operative College we have access to a wealth of information that can be used to develop learning resources – from archive materials detailing co-operative heritage to current case studies from co-ops in the UK and around the world. The research we do also informs the learning that we deliver.

If you are wanting to develop training resources about any co-operative topic please get in touch below to let us know of your interest:

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