Youth isn't Wasted on the Young

An evening workshop on 18 Jan 2018 looking at how co-ops can unlock young people's potential.Read more

Persuasive Speaking - Getting Your Message Across

A one day workshop on 1 Feb 2018 focused on techniques to help get your message across persuasively.Read more

Co-operative Study Visit

An insightful three day event running in February 2018 featuring learning sessions on co-operative culture and visits to successful, local co-ops.Read more

Train the Trainer

A one day workshop on 13 Feb 2018 to improve your training techniques and skills.Read more

Worker Co-op Induction

A half day workshop running on 15 Feb introducing you to the world of worker co-ops.Read more

Executive Education

A three day programme running from 5-7 March 2018 which gives executives an opportunity to learn more about the co-operative movement and their place in it. Read more

Researching Co-operatives Using Participatory Methods

A series of 4 sessions from the 07 March to the 28 April introducing an interesting alternative research method. Read more

An Introduction to Co-operative Finance

A one day workshop running on 14 March looking at how co-ops finance themselves.Read more

Take the Chair

A half day workshop on 22 March 2018 looking at how to effectively chair meetings and other events.Read more

Establishing Co‑operative Culture

A one day workshop on 12 April 2018 introducing you to co-operative culture. Read more

Directors' Induction

A one day workshop on 18 April 2018 introducing you to the world of co-operative Boards. Read more

Co-ops in a Contemporary World

A one day workshop on 16 May 2018 exploring how to make the most of co-operative values and principles.Read more

Exploring International Co-operation

A course on international co-operative movement running from 17 May - 9 June consisting of two webinars and a day school.Read more

Managing Conflict in Co-ops

A one day workshop on 22 May 2018 looking at how to identify, prevent and resolve conflicts in co-ops.Read more

Speaking in Chamber

A half day workshop on July 5 2018 to enhance council members' skills at delivering speeches.Read more