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Our spring programme is now available

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We have a variety of eLearning courses that could come in useful to your organisation. We also offer a bespoke service of adapting existing courses and materials to suit your needs. Read more

Executive Education

Get your team into gear with a look at the movement’s history and how modern co-ops fit within the ‘social solidarity economy’. Read more

Worker Co-op Induction

This course explores the world of worker co-ops and what makes them tick. It's perfectly suited to organisations with new recruits (or even staff who need a refresher) who need to learn more about what co-ops are and how they work. Read more

Establish Co‑operative Culture

Have you or your staff ever wondered how to act in a co-operative way? This course will greatly benefit your staff by helping them to foster a culture of collaboration and co‑production. Read more

Make Co-op Values and Principles Work For You

Explore what co-ops are and where they come from. Case studies reveal the diverse nature of co-ops with regard to age, size and type. Read more

The Role of a Co-operative Director

Do your staff need a couple of pointers on how to be a successful Director? This workshop is gives Board members a strong foundation for the role of Director. Read more

Take the Risk Out of Co-operative Governance

Are you and your team curious about how co-operative governance works? This workshop is just what your organisation needs. Read more

The Nature of Strategy

This workshop will equip your staff with a basic knowledge of business strategy and why it's important. Read more

Understand Co-operative Finance

Do you want your team to gain a deeper understanding about how co-operatives finance themselves? This course will answer all your staff's finance-related questions. Read more

Develop an Engaged Membership

Do you need help getting members involved in the running of your organisation? This course will be useful for anyone who is interested in membership engagement in a co-op. Read more

Manage Conflict in Co-ops

All you need to know about how to identify, prevent and resolve conflicts in co-ops. This workshop will explore consensual conflict resolution. Read more

Work Together Effectively

We understand that it's not always easy to work with other people and that personalities sometimes clash. This course will help your staff to contribute to a happy and productive working environment. Read more

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Together Enterprise Scotland

Working with young people in Pilton, Edinburgh to transform their lives for the better Read more

Co-operative (Ad)venture

We're supporting young people with learning difficulties, disabilities and autism to make a positive difference in their community Read more

Making Agriculture a Business: Co-op Development in Zambia

Working with the poorest communities in Zambia, we've partnered with Christian Aid to support 4,000 farmers improve their lives and run profitable co-operatives. Read more

Rebuilding Co‑operatives in Sri Lanka

We work with co-operatives in northern Sri Lanka, supporting those most affected by both the Civil War which ended in 2009, and the 2004 tsunami. Read more

Together Enterprise

We're empowering local people in Rochdale to set up their own co-operative business Read more