Co-operators, Chartists and Christian Socialists

Between them George Jacob Holyoake, Edward Vansittart Neale, and William Lovett, highlight the connections which existed between Co-operators, Chartists and Christian Socialists in the 1840s and 1850s.  Holyoake was a Chartist and a Co-operator, Neale a Co-operator and a Christian Socialist, Lovett an Owenite Socialist who became a Chartist.  This talk explores the connections - personal, organisational and ideological - between Co-operation, Chartism and Christian Socialism.  It examines the areas of agreement and disagreement between all three movements which sought to improve the condition of working people in the early Victorian period.

The webinar will lead by Dr Mike Sanders, Senior Lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Manchester, author of The Poetry of Chartism and currently teaching a course called 'Competition, Co-operation & Happiness: Dangerous Ideas in Victorian Britain'.

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Webinar Co-operators, Chartists 14.01.20

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