Join guest host Kate Woodward from the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and Daniel from our UK projects team  for a journey back in time to the birth of the UK’s co-operative movement in the 1800’s.

Rochdale Pioneers Museum

The session

Do you know how the co-operative movement started or just how grim life was in the Victorian era? Can you guess the average life expectancy or the bogus ingredients added to most foods? Can you see the links between their lives then, and ours now?

The Rochdale pioneers started from nothing and created a movement that transformed communities across the world. Join us and find out more about their amazing story, including why you should care and most importantly, what we can learn from their struggles and how we can apply this to our own society today.

About the guest host

Kate Woodward headshot

Kate is the Visitor Experience and Operations Co-ordinator at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum. She looks after the museum and its visitors, ensuring the history of the co-operative movement is preserved for us all.

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