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The Co-operative College’s complete bookstore offers a selection of books, college papers and resource materials about co-operatives and development. Titles include:

BRMCM_cover_web Building Resilience in the Malawian Co-operative Movement
by Sara Vicari and Alex Borda-Rodriguez. Download.
Co-operative Education Review 2011 Cover Co-operative Education Review 2011, Linda Shaw
This paper maps co-operative education in the UK, the key players and types of provision, as a stargin point for develop further effective strategies for education and development in the co-operative sector. Download
Making Connections The Co-operative Guide for Fairtrade Towns. Accross the UK, co-operatives and their members have supported local communities in thier Fairtrade journey. Making Connections: The Co-operative Guide for Fairtrade Towns explores the rich history of the two movements and includes suggestions on how Fairtrade Towns can strengthen thier groups and activities by working more closely with co-operatives and thier members. The pack can be downloaded on the Making Connections website.
A New Space For a New Generation: The Rise of Co-operatives Amongst Young People in Africa cover A New Space For a New Generation: The Rise of Co-operatives Amongst Young People in Africa by Sally Hartley Download
Fair and Square book cover Fair and Square: Ethical Shopping Matters is the final publication from the Fair and Square project, bringing together many of the themes which have been covered by the project and through the training sessions and events which have run over the last three years. A copy of the publication can be downloaded here.
Fair Trade and Co-operatives Forum Notes Post-conference report for the Fair Trade and Co-operatives: A Match Made in Heaven? conference that took place in London in March 2010. Download
Working with co-operatives for poverty reduction Cover Briefing Note: Working with Co-operatives for Poverty Reduction. Download  

MakingConnections Making Connections: Education for Co-operatives by Linda Shaw Download 
BeyondAFairPrice Beyond a Fair Price: The Co-operative Movement and Fair Trade by Samantha Lacey Download 
Co-operativesAndPovertyReductions Co-operatives and poverty reduction: Evidence from Sri Lanka and Tanzania. A publication by Johnston Brichall and Richard Simmons. Download 
Patrick Develtere, Ignace Pollet & Fredrick Wanyama (eds.) (2007) Co-operating out of poverty: The renaissance of the African co-operative movement Download 
Melanie Howarth (2007) Worker co-operatives and the phenomenon of empresas recuperadas in Argentina: an analysis of their potential for replication Download 
Stirling Smith (2007) After the Angry Sea: co-operatives and the tsunami Download 
Andrew Bibby (2006) HIV/AIDS and co-operatives Download 
Stirling Smith and Cilla Ross (2006) Organizing out of poverty: stories from the grassroots: How the SYNDICOOP approach has worked in East Africa Download 
Linda Shaw (2005) (ed) Co-operation, social responsibility and fair trade in Europe Download 
Stirling Smith (2004) Promoting Co- operatives: The Guide to ILO Recommendation 193 . Click here to read the publication on Adobe Acrobat Reader

*If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer it is available, free of charge, from Adobe.

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