The Co-operative College has started exploring a model for the set up of a co-operative university. A working group has been created after a process of consultation with different partners from the Higher Education sector. Here you can find its terms of reference.

Terms of Reference

1. Purpose of Group

The broad purpose of the group is to take a twin track approach to exploring a) a federated co-operative university model b) how the Co-operative College might work towards acquiring degree awarding powers as a secondary co-operative.

To this end we will:

  • Consider likely demand for a co-operative university
  • Produce a draft proposal/institutional design for a federated co-operative university
  • Develop a business plan for a co-operative university
  • Design a set of principles and consider other associated outputs
  • Consider how the Co-operative College might acquire degree awarding powers
  • Consider quality assurance for co-operative higher education

2. Membership of CUWG

A group of 10 co-operative stakeholders including academics, educators and practitioners.

3. Accountability and Reporting

A draft report (including a business plan) will be presented to the Board of Trustees of the Co-operative College at their 5th October Board meeting.

4. Meeting

Fortnightly Skype meetings will be conducted.

5. Sharing Work in Progress

As and when we will share our work in progress with active supporters as well as a range of interested stakeholders such as the Co-operative Party, Co-operatives UK.

For further information contact