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Co-operatives Globally

Why we work with co-operatives globally

Co-operators have always been internationalists. And one of the principles that guide our movement is the idea of co-operation between co-operatives. For more than 150 years, foreign visitors came to the UK to learn about co-operatives, and British co-operators traveled abroad, sometimes to find suppliers, but also to talk about the idea of a different kind of business.
Co-operatives can play an important role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The United Nations estimates that the livelihood of nearly four billion people depends to some extent on co-operatives and an important focus of the College’s international work is supporting co-operatives in the common global endeavour to end poverty and create a fairer world for all.
Our international work with co-operatives

Established in 1919, the role of the Co-operative College is to educate, train and capacity build the co-operative movement nationally and internationally. From the international perspective the Co-operative College has become a centre of expertise, knowledge and resources on international co-operative development.

Central to our work is working alongside co-operatives and  co-operative institutions, such as co-operative colleges, to offer capacity building support. For example the Co-operative College works in nearly 20 countries in Africa and the Asia/Pacific region, working with other co-operative colleges, with the International Labour Organisation, the United Nations agency responsible for co-operatives; the International Co-operative Alliance, the coordinating body of the global co-operative movement; and individual co-operatives.

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