Tea and Biscuits at CoopEdConf 17

The Co-operative Heritage Trust delivered a taste of things to come for their forthcoming exhibition ‘Tea and Biscuits’ launching in summer 2017 and then travel to the International Co-operative Alliance Conference in Kuala Lumpur!

Participants at the Co-operative College’s Education and Research Conference took part in a consultation to explore the social impact of tea and everyone had a chance to record their memories and experiences of the role of tea in our histories and identities. Copies of illustrations from a 1902 biscuit catalogue were also used in the activity. The catalogue, made by the CWS Crumpsall Works is richly illustrated and shows many types of biscuits available to purchase.
Elements of the workshop session will be used in the exhibition itself as well as a rich community led outreach programme to support the exhibition throughout the year.

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