COCETA (Spanish confederation of worker co-operatives) celebrates 25th anniversary

COCETA, the Spanish confederation of worker co-operatives, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over twenty five years, it has promoted and helped to create more than 10,000 jobs every year. COCETA is holding activities to celebrate the anniversary across Spanish cities, which will finish in 2012 in Madrid to coincide with the UN International Year of Co-operatives.

coceta meetingNow, COCETA embraces more than 16 regional organisations and represents 17,000 worker co-operatives with 205,700 employees. According to its president, Juan Antonio Pedreño, COCETA has played a main role in the consolidation of the Spanish co-operative movement; not only in the increasing figures but also in the development of new legislation.

Felice Scalvini, Cooperatives Europe president, took part in the celebrations, as well as many other Spanish regional co-operative movement representatives. European co-operatives seem to be resisting the economic crisis better than other kinds of businesses. Jobs in worker co-operatives in Spain have grown seven per cent during the last 2010 three quarters.

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